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Signing an Offer to Purchase

We are all aware of the saying “signing your life away”, but do we always take note of what it is we may be signing?  South Africa has one of the best

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Travel: Oudtshoorn “The Ostrich Capital”

Most visitors to South Africa and especially the Western Cape, visit or have heard of the beautiful Garden Route, with its green foresty areas and stunning ocean views.  But head inland over


South African Banking Sector

Political developments once again dominated the South African economic landscape in the first quarter of the year, with revelations on ‘state capture’ and the Constitutional Court ruling opening national and ruling-party debate

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The Politics of Tax

The art of taxation is in plucking the most feathers from the goose without the goose hissing – J B Colbert Over the past number of years taxpayers have been frustrated by

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Work Visas/Permits For South Africa

Recently we have had quite a few clients enquiring about coming to work in South Africa and want to know what options they have regarding work visas/permits.

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Buying Property In A Trust

We are often asked by clients of the advantages and/or disadvantages of buying a home through a trust as opposed to buying it in your individual capacity.