Our Services

Anybody that has ever purchased property before knows that the excitement of finding the perfect home is quickly lost under a pile of paper work. Add to that the minefield of rules and regulations that apply to Non Residents and suddenly your new investment feels more like a liability than a place where your money can grow.

We take care of all the legwork to ensure that the correct procedures are followed so that, if ever you decide to sell your asset, you will get the maximum return in the least amount of time. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of assisting Non Residents with their properties will ensure that it is a simple and hassle free experience.

Services offered:

  • A full explanation of the South African Reserve Bank rules & regulations regarding the introduction and repatriation of funds, prior to signature of an Offer to Purchase
  • Administering of introduction and repatriation of funds
  • South African residents leaving SA – We can arrange foreign investments or arrange your formal emigration
  • Endorsement of Title Deeds to facilitate the repatriation of funds on sale of the property
  • Arrange opening of a Non Resident bank account
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • Last Will & Testaments for SA Assets
  • Foreign Exchange: We work in conjunction with Foreign Exchange companies to offer our clients excellent rates of exchange
  • Advice on renting out property owned by a Non Resident
  • All tax issues: We work in conjunction with a Tax consultant
  • Other investment advice: We work in conjunction with an Investment advisor
  • Network for reputable Estate Agents, Attorneys and Travel consultants