About Us

Company – Non Res SA

Founded in 2008 after establishing a need for a specialised consultancy, Non Res SA aims to assist the foreign property investor with the sale and purchase of property in South Africa.

With a booming property market, favourable weather and a good exchange rate for the international property buyer, South Africa is a dream come true.  However, the question most asked by the Non Resident is if monies are brought in to purchase property, can they easily be taken out again?  With various rules and regulations pertaining to the introduction and repatriation of funds, the need for a specialised company became apparent.

Since our formation we have gone from strength to strength owing to our client focused approach and desire to offer the most up to date and extensive information possible.

Creating a strong network with other industry related institutions, we aim to offer a “one stop shop” to the international property buyer and seller.

For further information about our services please navigate to the “services” page for a full list of services that we offer.

Jo Williams – Director

Jo Williams
Jo co-founded the company after leaving her previous role at one of South Africa’s top law firms.  With many clients not knowing how to repatriate funds out of South Africa, Jo saw the need to establish a specialised company to assist them.

Having worked for nearly 4 decades in the legal profession in varying roles, her vast property & legal knowledge along with experience navigating the rules & regulations of the SA Reserve Bank, has enabled Jo to offer extensive advice for foreign
property investors.

Since starting the company she has built partnerships with attorneys, banks, estate agents and more to assist foreign property investors to the best of her ability.


Damien Williams – Director

Damien Williams

Damien started his career in the travel industry before moving into public relations & marketing for a top property law firm in Cape Town.  Having done a conveyancing paralegal course has given him an excellent insight into the transfer of property in South Africa.

Damien manages the marketing and training for Non Res SA.  He is dedicated to providing clients and industry professionals with the most up-to-date information on all property related matters in the country.